I made this clown in adobe Illustrator :-}


TRLEChippers said...

Awesome! Your animation style's great, you should do a sequel to "Short message" or make a new version of it in HD. Also, I made a 3D animated version of it in stopmotion hope you like it!

Kaspar said...

Glad you liked it! The original is lost on some broken server somewhere. Maybe i'm able to restore it in some future time. An intern was busy with converting it to HD, but that was on the same system.
Nice job with the 3D version!

greetings K.

El Gringo Loco said...

Nice to see you active again :)

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Are you still active?

M0nk3m4n said...

Your artwork is pretty damn amazing man. Love it.

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Danny said...

Hope you'll come and be active soon again