Something like an animationstudio :-)

This is the mess we are currently working in. A few square meters hosting 5 people working on an animated short.

It is amazing what one can do with old office-equipment. Especially when it comes to IT-solutions. No more messy/boring file-logistics with this old HP-proliant ML350 hosting ubuntu server edition.

Thanks to its sturdy casing it also prevents the storageroom from collapsing.

to be updated...

Haha, you would not believe this.

So I ordered Preston Blair's "animation 1"-book in the middle of januari. I waited waited & waited (till the end of march!!) but nothing in my mailbox. I was getting really desperate because I paid an effing amount of 10 blinkin' euri's for it!! Then my desperatedness reached it's climax and I wrote a fureous email about it to (the store). The next day I received an email back; with apologies & they would try it again and send a new copy. I received it three days later!! :-D
Next day I spoke the woman next door, she had this package lying somewhere for months with my name on it....

(trying to capture the astonishment of that moment)