Can you crawl through a water tap?

Of course not! We're not smurfs!



Currently busy with a friend to adapt a story to a screenplay for a feature animation(90 min.) Interesting process and very educational, unfortunateley with a lot of writing(yuck). The trick for now is to raise enough funding for developing the "visual stuff" needed to 'produce' something like this. Which means a lot of begging/spamming/more writing and probably falling hard once in a while..but who nows how it will develop.
This artwork is actually already outdated.. but nevertheless:

funny bellydancers

lets dance!


One of five artworks for pretty ambitious filmproject. More to follow...

Something like an animationstudio :-)

This is the mess we are currently working in. A few square meters hosting 5 people working on an animated short.

It is amazing what one can do with old office-equipment. Especially when it comes to IT-solutions. No more messy/boring file-logistics with this old HP-proliant ML350 hosting ubuntu server edition.

Thanks to its sturdy casing it also prevents the storageroom from collapsing.

to be updated...

Haha, you would not believe this.

So I ordered Preston Blair's "animation 1"-book in the middle of januari. I waited waited & waited (till the end of march!!) but nothing in my mailbox. I was getting really desperate because I paid an effing amount of 10 blinkin' euri's for it!! Then my desperatedness reached it's climax and I wrote a fureous email about it to (the store). The next day I received an email back; with apologies & they would try it again and send a new copy. I received it three days later!! :-D
Next day I spoke the woman next door, she had this package lying somewhere for months with my name on it....

(trying to capture the astonishment of that moment)

work in progress

My current job involves making backgroundpaintings and animation. Here are some backgrounds

Put on protective goggles because this one moves in 3D!!!
That means this one down here.. that last frame at the bottom,

here it is yoohoo!!

Doubleclick the frame above tot pause/play. Or use the controlbar.. if u can see it.. if u're lucky..