Haha, you would not believe this.

So I ordered Preston Blair's "animation 1"-book in the middle of januari. I waited waited & waited (till the end of march!!) but nothing in my mailbox. I was getting really desperate because I paid an effing amount of 10 blinkin' euri's for it!! Then my desperatedness reached it's climax and I wrote a fureous email about it to amazon.co.uk (the store). The next day I received an email back; with apologies & they would try it again and send a new copy. I received it three days later!! :-D
Next day I spoke the woman next door, she had this package lying somewhere for months with my name on it....

(trying to capture the astonishment of that moment)


Kapazoo fan said...

Hey, you know the first edition of the Blair book has slightly better drawings (copyright problems):


Kapazoo fan said...

Sorry, misposted: needs an "l" at the end: